BEST OF THE W.A.R WEEK (07/23 – 07/27)

On this week’s BEST OF THE BLOG AND PODCAST we have a to the brim jam packed blog.  Chicks to check out? Minka Kelly and Bar Rafaeli?  Ok! Prick Be Trippin? I’m in.  BRAND NEW rounds of FAT CHICK SKINNY CHICK and the GLORY HOLE CHALLENGE?! YUP! We pretty much covered everything!  Some Friday Fails Stories, Drive By Whoring #133, Bitch Be Trippin, a BRAND NEW crop of Freaks, and of course tons of audio, video, and photos for you to check out on the BEST OF THE WEEK BLOG AND PODCAST!


Very few things in life are forever. Some STD’s, amputations, and of course…tattoos. So you would think before you sit in the chair and get some work done…you would maybe double, and sometimes even TRIPLE CHECK the spelling on the tattoo. Misspelled tattoos are the gift that keeps on giving. Here are more of the worst crimes ever made against the skin. SEE THE GALLERY HERE

There’s crazy footage online of a huge chunk of ice that broke off a glacier and created a huge tsunami near Greenland. Some guy got it on camera while the boat he was on was trying to outrun it. The wave DID hit them, but somehow the boat didn’t flip. SEE THE VIDEO HERE!

In case you don’t realize how similar we all are, we’ve got a list here of seven weird things that EVERYONE does. Basically, it’s stuff you probably do all the time. You just never talk about it. SEE THE LIST HERE

This guy got arrested back on the Fourth of July, but his mugshot just leaked out . . . and he definitely wins the crown of America’s MOST PATRIOTIC CRIMINAL. He’s 31-year-old Eric Butkiewicz of Miami, Florida, and he was partying ALL DAY on the 4th and well into the night. His mugshot is AMAZING – and you gotta check it out! SEE IT HERE

Today’s DUMBASS CONTEST is a new round of DOES IT WEIGH MORE THAN PATRICO?! We give you an item or items and you have to tell us if it weighs more than TONY PATRICO! PLAY THE GAME HERE!


Is there a Minka Kelly sex tape out threre? TMZ says there is, and it’s being shopped around. Minka is probably best known for playing Lyla Garrity on “Friday Night Lights” . . . or for her relationships with DEREK JETER and WILMER VALDERRAMA…..BOTH masterswordsman. It’s 30 minutes long and it features Minka with an ex-boyfriend. DETAILS AND PICS SEEN HERE!

This is pretty great: Someone took scenes from “The Matrix” and mashed them up with scenes from the movie “Office Space” so it looks like Keanu Reeves is running from the worst boss in the world . . . Bill Lumbergh. In the “Matrix” scene, it’s Keanu talking on the phone. But it’s edited so he’s talking to the crazy co-worker Milton from “Office Space”…..he’s the guy who was upset because they took his stapler. SEE THE VIDEO HERE

Everyone knows that one human year is equal to seven dog years. Right? Well, it’s not really true . . . which is kind of obvious when you think about it, since dogs can start BREEDING by the time they’re a year old. Plus, you’ve probably seen a 20-year-old dog, but not a 140-year-old human. If you thought THAT myth was true, then you probably think a few of these are too. Here are five more animal myths that most people believe. SEE THE LIST HERE

Today’s DUMBASS CONTEST is IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA! We ask you a question, and usually the answer is….IMPOSSIBLE to get. GETTING IT! So, if you answer it correctly, you have a chance for 311 tix!! PLAY THE GAME HERE!


This is dumb…..but for some reason once we started watching the video, we couldn’t turn it off…..and I really couldn’t tell you why. This was sent to the show email by fellow Ninja “Spiderman4.” There’s multiple angles and even a little slo-mo action. Enjoy! SEE THE VIDEO HERE

So you may have heard the story about how a 2 year old girl in Union, MO drowned in a pool over the weekend. We had a fellow NINJA email us, asking if we could help. Obviously, the family is going through tough times and they can’t afford to bury their child. They’re $3600 short. So, we are putting out the EAGLE CALL! READ THE STORY AND DONATE HERE

MAYOR FRED was in the building for the reading of the FREAKS! Check out the four ads that we have found on Craigslist and find out who will become the next FREAK OF THE WEEK FINALIST! Hear Fred read these nominees and then click the link to see who won this week and now qualifies for the Jerry Sandusky Memorial Trophy! ALL YOUR FREAKS HERE…READ ON!


It’s Glory Hole Challenge time! It’s simple, Patrico has to guess what item is being passed through the GLORYHOLE…only using his MOUTH and his FACE! Check out what the items that WOODY and RIZZ shoved in Patrico’s FACE by watching the video BELOW! SEE IT ALL HERE!

We may have finally found a piece of exercise equipment that’s even more perverted than the Shake Weight. It’s called the “Ace Power Horse,” and it’s sold in Korea. It kind of looks like a bicycle seat. But you bounce up and down on it WHILE you thrust. Apparently it’s been around for a while, but now the ad is a hit online. SEE THE SEXY VIDEO HERE

You can probably expect a lot of this in the near future: Some British “Twilight” fan posted a YouTube video where she’s CRYING about Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson. And of course, she’s also asking us to leave them alone. She mentions Chris Crocker at the end. He’s the guy who posted a YouTube video and screamed “Leave Britney alone!” CHECK THE VIDEO HERE

Today’s BITCH BE TRIPPIN segment…ladies – we love you – but sometimes you do and say some really crazy stuff. So – we gotta call you out. We took some calls and rocked out some news stories for today’s BITCH BE TRIPPIN! ALL STORIES AND CALLERS HERE!

With today’s PRICK BE TRIPPIN we talk about the GOATMAN, a dude beating someone with a toilet lid..and honestly…one of the dumbest bar bets that we have EVER seen! A guy lights his head on fire…and gets seriously injured. YOU DON’T SAY?! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

MAYOR FRED was in the building for the reading of the FREAKS! Check out the four ads that we have found on Craigslist and find out who will become the next FREAK OF THE WEEK FINALIST! Hear Fred read these nominees and then click the link to see who won this week and now qualifies for the Jerry Sandusky Memorial Trophy! ALL YOUR FREAKS HERE…READ ON!

We have a couple different thing about the DARK NIGHT SHOOTING that went down earlier this month. These updates have a lot of DOUCHINESS going on. An interview makes a dude seem like a GIANT pussy. The director of the movie The Mask is a complete boner. There are some LAWSUITS in relation to the shooting. AND – was the plans mailed to someone before it all went down?! CHECK OUT ALL THE UPDATES HERE



So we got an email from a girl named Stephanie who wanted our help. She has an extra ticket to the Cards game on August 4th and she wanted to find someone to take to the game. She just got out of a relationship and wants a fun date to just go and hang out with her at the game. We’ve got her on the phone..and we have some questions for her! GET THE INFO and SEE PICTURES HERE

Today’s “Chick Pics of the Day” are of Bar Refaeli. She gets NAKED (which at this point should not surprise anyone…this bitch gets naked more than a new born baby) in the July issue of “Elle France”. Happy Friday, Enjoy! CHECK OUT THE PICS HERE

Its a brand new DUMBASS CONTEST. Here is how it works. We have a girl calling in and she will be talking to Woody and Rizz. They have one mission. The mission is simple….can they guess…just by her voice…is she a fat chick or a skinny chick?! PLAY THE GAME HERE

This is great……cell phone video from a strip club where this stripper is trying to be all hot and sexy by arching backwards as she hangs from her stripper pole…..but she slips and lands HARD……right on her face! Fail! SEE THE VIDEO HERE!

Today’s WHORE in question was at her wedding when she just BOUNCED. No word…just left. Then, two days later, she met up with her guy, and then she admitted to hooking up…with…the dudes STEPDAD! CHECK OUT THE FULL WHORING HERE!

Maybe you have the perfect plan. It was set and good to go. Then all of sudden, almost out of no where, MEGA….ULTRA….FAILLLLL! You can read the stories, hear the audio, and watch the videos of ALL the FRIDAY FAIL STORIES! Plus, listen to Rizz and his “voice of an angel” sing the Friday FAIL THEME SONG! It’s glorious! ALL FAIL STORIES HERE!

Lawyers for one of Jerry Sandusky’s victims released voice mails that they say Sandusky left on their client’s phone. This is the kid that was seen in the showers. The messages are dated from September 2011 — just months before Sandusky was arrested. LISTEN TO THE CREEPY MESSAGES HERE

We have gotten a TON of emails from Ninjas looking to date Stephanie the girl who is looking to take someone to the Cardinals game. Also, we’ve got some really weird ones. Actually, one dude who is a little too over the top with it….nice dude…but a little much. To make it even better, we have him on the phone! CHECK IT ALL OUT HERE

Earlier this week, 46-year-old Horatio Coates of Oklahoma City, tried to rob a Dollar General store. He disguised himself by wearing a pair of underwear on his head. But unfortunately for him…..that wasn’t enough to protect him from the ALUMINUM BASEBALL BAT that the store’s manager used to beat him over the head with. LISTEN TO THE 911 CALL HERE

Today’s HEADLINE HOOSHE STORY OF THE WEEK is going down! Who will win today’s STORY OF THE WEEK?! Will it be the guy caught smuggling DEER SEMEN? The guy who was caught pooping? The dude using his stroller to steal beer? Or the sister tag team who left behind their 1 year old?! BY CHECKING OUT THE HOOSHE NEWS HERE!




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