Maybe you have the perfect plan. It was set and good to go. Then all of sudden, almost out of no where, MEGA….ULTRA….FAILLLLL! You can read the stories, hear the audio, and watch the videos of ALL the FRIDAY FAIL STORIES!  Plus, listen to Rizz and his “voice of an angel” sing the Friday FAIL THEME SONG! It’s glorious!


Carlos Gomez rounds the bases thinking he’s hit a home run only to find out it was a foul ball, he is then called out on strikes. Check out the video HERE.

Check out the video of the MEGA SEXY STRIPPER FAIL!

Luke List is a tour golfer from Florida, and Golf Channel enlisted him for one of their regular “facts about the community” bumps for coverage of this weekend’s Nationwide Children’s Hospital Invitational at Ohio State’s Scarlet Course in Columbus. Unfortunately, Golf Channel supplied Luke with a bizarre and entirely-false set of facts. Here’s what Luke informs Golf Channel viewers…SEE THE VIDEO HERE!

Toyota raised a few eyebrows after unveiling its new mini-minivans, the Toyota Porte and the Toyota Spade, in Japan. The vehicles, which are the same specimen but with different names for different dealerships, are part of a new initiative to offer compact cars with minivan features, such as a hatchback and a passenger-side remote control sliding door. This door feature apparently inspired the name of the Porte, which means simply “door” in French. The Spade, however, created by cutting together “space” and “wide,” has come off slightly less innocuously in the U.S. For those who haven’t brushed up on their racial slurs recently, “Spade” was an offensive word for African Americans around the turn of the 20th century.

Hasn’t this guy ever heard of faking a fever to get out of work early?  Or making up a doctor’s appointment?  ANYTHING but this. 24-year-old Casey James Fury of Portsmouth, New Hampshire was a civilian contractor who was working on one of the Navy’s NUCLEAR SUBMARINES.  On both May 23rd and June 16th, he wanted to get out of work early. So his strategy was . . . to START FIRES.  On a NUCLEAR sub. According to an affidavit filed yesterday, he did about $400 MILLION in damage between the two fires.  He said he wanted to get out of work because he suffers from anxiety, and his ex-girlfriend had just started dating another man. On both days, he DID get out of work early.  And as a reward, he’s facing a possible sentence of . . . LIFE IN PRISON for arson.  That’s right.  Life.

44-year-old Jeffrey Tyther is a cop in Voorhees, New Jersey.  Last September, he was on duty and saw a good-looking woman in her 20s drive by.  He pulled up next to her and waved at her. Then . . . he decided he wanted to keep pushing.  So he plugged her license plate into the police database.  He used that to get her name . . . and used her name to find her on Facebook.  Then he sent her a friend request. She rejected it.  So he sent her a message on Facebook to make sure she realized he was the cop who waved to her.  She put the pieces together that he had used privileged information to stalk her on Facebook . . . and called the cops. After a 10-month investigation, Jeffrey was arrested and charged with second-degree computer theft and fourth-degree violation of Motor Vehicle Record Law.  He’s been suspended without pay and could get up to 10 YEARS in prison.

This story has a lot of elements so try and keep up.  A 23 year old dude name Arsenio got into a fight with a man at a 4th of July party –  when he decided to get all gangsta and pistol whip him.  As he did this, witnesses say you saw a flash, and heard a loud bang. He got up and started running, but was later found dead in between two buildings.  People on the scene say that Xavier was trying to break up the fight and may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.  But cops say differently, cops found Xavier’s body … but also found a pistol just out of his reach.  Cops say that both Aresnio and Xavier were close friends, but had recently been feuding with each other.  Arsenio is hella classy by the way.  His girlfriend was holding his gun because he was so drunk that during an argument earlier in the night, Aresnio fired a shot in the air as a QUOTE “warning.” He was arrested are charged with first degree reckless homicide, endangerment, possession of a firearm by a felon and two counts of battery.

Could this be the world’s MOST EMBARRASSING way to get hurt?  On Tuesday night, 22-year-old Kevin Beaudette of Tupper Lake, New York was injured trying to sneak into . . . wait for it . . . a NICKELBACK concert. Nickelback was rocking out the Saratoga Performing Arts Center as only Nickelback can do, and Kevin wanted in.  So he tried to climb up an embankment to get inside. But the incline was too steep . . . and also, Kevin was drunk.  That combo was too much and he ended up falling down about 40 FEET into a gorge. The fire department had to come rescue him.  The extent of his injuries wasn’t released, but he’s out of the hospital already so it couldn’t be THAT bad. No charges have been filed against him.

Almost two dozen people were burned doing a firewalk at a Tony Robbins seminar in San Jose, but so far it looks like the motivational speaker won’t be held liable for the burns. During Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” seminar he invited participants to walk on hot coals as a metaphor for overcoming difficulties. This practice has gone on for three decades according to Robbins’ representatives. But at this seminar, at least 21 people suffered burns on their feet. Some of the injuries were minor but several attendees had second- or third-degree burns on their feet. The people injured were all volunteers and it doesn’t appear that anything reckless happened in violation of the law. The event had the proper permits, a fire inspector, and medical staff on site.

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