We have gotten a TON of emails from Ninjas looking to date Stephanie the girl who is looking to take someone to the Cardinals game.  Also, we’ve got some really weird ones.  Actually, one dude who is a little too over the top with it….nice dude…but a little much.  To make it even better, we have him on the phone!

Here are some of the best texts, emails, and posts that we have that are looking to date Stephanie.  Trust us…this is worth the read.  And, there is a GREAT post from a dude named CHRIS who has emailed, texted, hit us up on Twitter, and hit up the blog looking for a date with STEPHANIE!



How old are you?   27

Well, a little about me I’m 27 as of June 6’5″ 200lbs. Not a bum, have had a stable job as a computer/network admin for over 10 years and been with the same company the entire time. I started just doing basic work and have moved up and now run the entire tech shop.
I like the cardinals! I’m not such a big sports fan that I cry or anything when they lose, but I do like to see them win. We had a party at my house last year for several off the world series games. (Although, I won’t lie. I have not actually been to a cardinals game since they have been in their new stadium) Like beer, actually brew my own. My other hobbies are photography, working on cars, riding bikes (motorcycle and pedal road bike for exercise) and pretty much anything involving electronics.

How old are you? 29- 30

I am a huge cards fan and enjoy drinking beer. I am a responsible 29 year old man who has a great job, own my own home, my own truck, and a father of two sons. I do enjoy going out when I don’t have my boys but am all about being super dad when I do. I also recently got out of a long term relationship and am looking to meet someone new. I know how to have a good time and love baseball and beer so if you’re interested lets get to know each. Good luck to you.

How old are you?  29

Hello guys! I would like to go to the game with Stephanie and believe I’m the best choice for her. I’m very much a people person. You can say I’m the life of the party. I’m very likable and can always make a woman smile! I have a killer sense of humor and I’m very politically incorrect. I’m drug free but love to party! I work in sales and marketing for a premier wine/spirits/beer company. I am 5’10” weigh 170lbs w/ an athletic build. I have short brown hair as well as good hygiene. There’s no doubt in my mind she would have an absolute blast hanging with me! Not to mention I’m a very loyal Point listener. (I’ve recruited many friends and family members to be Point listeners). She sounds amazing and I hope you ninjas choose this guy!  Goooood day!!! And suck it!!!

How old are you?  30

That’s easy, I’m a huge cards fan ever since my old man took me to see The Wizard last home game. Who doesn’t enjoy a cold frosty mug of beer? I’m your typical nice guy that knows how to treat a woman right and show a good time, with a goofball since a humor. Plus I’m a home body guy that enjoy the cards and a cold beer. What else there to say but if you pick me I know we both well have a good time at that cardinals game.

How old are you?  27

I don’t know why, But I do know you should pick me. I’m 6’7 funny, outgoing, hard working, NORMAL blue collar guy. I work a lot of hours and I am currently the areas number 1 ranked M.M.A fighter in my weight class so I also train several hours through out the week. Most of my friends describe me as, hilarious truthful and the life of the party.

How old are you? 27

I love the cardinals, beer, and woman. I have job and a huge schlong, what else could she possibly ask for?

How old are you?

Hey guys, my name is Woody and I love the show.  I’m a cop on the Il side, I really appreciate how pro police you guys are, its refreshing. I listen all the time on dayshift.  I’d like to take Stephanie to the ball game, I love baseball and beer!  I just got out of a long term relationship too so having a relaxing time would be great.  I’d be the perfect gentleman, so help a ninja cop out, as always happy b-day Rizz and suck it.
How old are you?

I am a retired Marine that was wounded three times in Iraq and was in the battle of Fallujah. I am always up for a new experience, I was also honored at Game 1 of the World Series and at The White House. See not all of your listeners at degenerates. I am always up for a free trip to cards game with good looking girl. Put me up for the contestants.

How old are you?  27

((NOT EDITED…THIS IS HOW HE WROTE IT)) Well I been what Stephanie been thru and I have a good heart and sleeve im alot of fun to be around and I can show stefanie a good time more abt me im 6 6 in height I have a 6 pack and built with dark hair and blue eyes and a 6 pack if u want to know more call me at 636***-****

The following are emails and posts on the blog from Chris:

  • if any one on here or stefanie dont listen to this people there very insulting like i said im a good man and laid bag dude for stefanie that never went to a cardinal games before
  • dude there someone nice like me that trying to win stefanie heart and take her on a date not site here and say mean things abt here i like what i seen abt stefanie to be honest i went to work this moring and love stefanie voice and it melt my heart to hear here on 105.7 the point i think she good lookin keep your looks going stefanie !!!!!!!!
  • Yes I do like what I see abt stefanie I do not cheat or lie and no drugs I do smoke drink and I have tattoos to and piercings. So is there any thing stefanie wants to know abt me im very romatic and laid back type dude and love life
  • she the most gourgies woman i ever lay eyes on and she wants someone to like her for her wtf people i would be her date if she still up for it lol



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  1. George says:

    Wow, is all that can be said. Good luck to all, and to Stephanie, hope she dont land a douche

  2. George says:

    Wow is all I can say, its crazy.. so many dudes trying to land a date from someone they only heard on the air and seen a pic from 105.7 website. Good luck to all. And good luck Stephanie….. try not to land a douche.

  3. sarbear says:

    lol! i see him all over main st!

    • chris nixon says:

      well im glad u all see me on main street im hurricane chris is that a good thing or bad thing i hope to win this date with stefanie lol

  4. woodstock says:

    sorry man.but i see a FAIL

  5. Matt says:

    Chris, congratulations you made my ears bleed from listening to your “karaoke”.

  6. Rob says:

    Wtf dude !!! Lol what a knucklehead ….. If I was Stephanie I would get a restraining order already …

  7. And stay off my page dame

  8. Mayja Look says:

    What loser Hoosier Fu**tard!!! Creepy shit, he’s gonna end up falling in love with the first girl who touches his PeePee LOL

    • Whatever I am not I dont put out on first date ass im a virgin and wating on the right one get a life and quiet listing to assholes and speak what in your brain not what someone else says I treat any woman good as they treat me im.not low self center like u all on here

  9. Well it weird im up here but I can dance sing and love the beer and to win a date lol with stefanie

  10. chris nixon says:

    well im kinda shy to be on air lol

  11. chris nixon says:

    wow u know me im not a creep how u know me just here to win a date with stefanie kinda shy

  12. SourDiesel says:

    Awwww man, let Chris do his thing. They only let him out of the home a few hours a day and he’s just trying to get some of that juicy beaver. His piercings/tattoos are super cool and Stephanie should give him a shot.

  13. ninja T says:

    I now remember chris from main street. Haha.

    • chris nixon says:

      so u going to sit here and say im creep wen everybody loves me on main street lol im hurricane chris lol

      • ninja T says:

        We define you as creeping because of your over volume of posts and the way they are worded. You come off as very desperate. Go pay for some sex and experience a vagina please. You come off as a guy that will fall in love with any chick he hangs out with.

      • Im not desperate or clingy ninja t im just shy to talk to woman and never been with a cool one like stefanie your an ass if u cant get a date like me

      • Who ask u for your info abt me some of us are trying to be decent on here to win a date wtf

      • ninja T says:

        You are a piece of work. You wont get this date cuz you are just trying too hard. She is probably creeped the Fuck out by you. I’m not the dancing queen of main street but I get dates just fine bud. If a chick I’m dating don’t put out, I put her out.

    • A creep is someone who talk sexuael u ass how can I be a creep wen I was tellin how good looking stefanie is look at some of these other blogs that talk shit abt this chick before u all say shit abt me I never got a date beacuse u all say shit to someone like this one abt me that not true and that make a woman think ur a creep like I said if ur not here for a date then fuck off damn

  14. jax says:

    Haha I see that guy every time I go to main. We call him “dancing guy”. He always buys us drinks and loves taking pics. This guy will for sure be a great time.

    • I hope stefanie pick me she would have fun with me going to the baseball game singing and dancing I sure love to karokeee but if stefanie pick me she will have a good time with a nice guy like me that wont upset her or let her down I do treat the woman good on dates hurricane chris loves u all !!!!!

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