In case you didn’t know..there isn’t any baseball or softball in the Olympics.  They didn’t get enough votes to stay in the Games.  Which is weird.  Considering some of the other sport that are in there.  With that being said, check out list this of some of the other SPORTS that used to actually been eliminated over the years from the games?

  1. Tug-of-War.Tug-of-War, which is now pretty much reserved for church picnics, summer camp color wars and “Real World/Road Rules Challenge” events, was an actual Olympic sport. At five Olympics, 1900, ’04, ’08, ’12 and ’20.Olympic tug-of-war was eight-on-eight, and would be won when one team pulled the rope six feet.
  2. Poodle clipping.As this list will show repeatedly, at the second modern Olympic games — 1900 in Paris, France — there was just some crazy shit going on. And nothing exemplifies that to me more than the poodle clipping event.For this event (which was a trial event), 128 competitors assembled at the Bois de Boulogne, a park in western Paris. A giant (for the time) crowd of 6,000-plus watched as they competed to see who could trim the most poodles’ fur in a two hour period. After the Paris Olympics ended, poodle clipping failed to get the votes to become an official Olympic sport.
  3. Firefighting.Another trial event from 1900 Paris. It’s not clear what exactly was involved in the firefighting event… like, did they light some random Parisian neighborhood on fire and send all the dudes over there to see who could put their designated house out the quickest?In the volunteer competition, the winner was a team from Portugal; in the professional division, the winner was a group of firefighters from Kansas City.
  4. Solo synchronized swimming.Lest you think that all the weird events are from the early 1900s… this should prove that Olympic organizers make strange, strange decisions in the modern era, too. In 1984, ’88 and ’92, there was actually solo synchronized swimming in the Olympics.
  5. Delivery van driving.More from 1900 in Paris. This was another trial event (and tied in with the 1900 World’s Fair that as going on concurrently). The Paris Olympics featured a ton of different motor races, including delivery van driving. French “athletes” got all three medals, although their names aren’t on record.The motor racing event also included small cars, large cars, seven-seat cars, trucks and taxis.
  6. Plunge diving.OK, you know how when you were, like, six, you and your friends all stand at the edge of a pool and see who could jump in the furthest? That was once an Olympic event.At the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis, there was an event called plunge diving. A diver would stand stationary on the edge of a pool, then, from that stand still, jump as far as possible. Once they got underwater, they could swim forward for up to 60 seconds… or as long as they could keep their head below the surface.
  7. Live pigeon shooting.There’s only been one Olympic event in history where animals were (intentionally) harmed. And that was live pigeon shooting, which went down at those absolutely absurd 1900 Paris Olympics.The goal of the event: Stand there with your gun and kill as many pigeons as possible. For the event, more than 300 pigeons were shot and killed… and, apparently, afterwards, there was a ridiculous mess of blood and feathers. At the Paris games that year, there was also a shooting competition centered around shooting running deer… except those were moving cut-outs, not actual animals.
  8. Swimming obstacle race.Now this sounds really cool… and sounds like another thing little kids do in a pool. This is another 1900 Paris event, and took place in the Seine.First, competitors had to swim to a pole, then climb up it, then slide down it. Then they’d swim toward some boats, which they had to climb over. After that, more swimming to more boats… but this time, they had to go under. Overall, they’d swim 200 meters… with a lot of climbing in between.
  9. Rope climbing.This was in four Olympics: 1896, 1904, 1924 and 1932. It was incredibly simple: Just climb to the top. The whole event gives me a funny feeling. Like when I used to climb the rope in gym class.
  10. Water skiing.Water skiing was a demonstration sport at the tragic 1972 Olympics in Munich. There were three different events — slalom, figure skiing and jumping. Apparently it was pretty cool… but there was too much controversy about whether or not water skiing involved any actual athleticism… so water skiing never showed up at the Olympics again.It did become a staple at Sea Worlds, though, so it’s got that going for it.
  11. Hot air ballooning.And one more from the 1900 Olympics for good measure. During the Paris Olympics, they held several hot air ballooning events, including distance, duration, elevation and targeted stopping.French competitors won every single event.

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