With today’s DISCOUNT NEWS as is TRADITION we are chatting up some FREAKS.  We have a foot licker that says OBAMA set him up, a dude that wants to eat children, and a man bangs a SHEEP

An man was arrested yesterday after he allegedly licked the feet of two young girls at a library in a suburb of Rochester. Following his arrest, he declared his innocence, alleging that the whole thing was a setup at the hands of the most powerful man on earth. 49-year-old Anthony Parri was in the children’s section at the Penfield Public Library yesterday when he removed the shoe of a little girl and rubbed her bare foot on his nose and mouth — and that was just one of two alleged foot-licking incidents that happened yesterday at the library. A library employee witnessed one of the lickings and called police, who arrested Parri shortly after. Following his arraignment, while walking out of the courtroom, Parri proclaimed his innocence, and provided his theory on why he ended up in police custody. “I am being set up by the President Barack Obama and the city and the federal government,” he declared outside of the courthouse. Parri is also suspected in at least five similar lickings. In those cases, it’s suspected that he approached young girls — ages 5 and 10 — and licked their feet. In case you’re not already thoroughly creeped out, Parri’s got a history of violence — he has two prior convictions dating back to the 1980s for assault and attempted murder. Parri’s been charged with charges of sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a minor. He’s being held without bail.

Police in Ronneby, Sweden, are on the lookout for an elderly man who has been accused of having sex with a sheep. The man — who an eyewitness described as slightly built, between 60 and 70 years and without pants — was allegedly witnessed in the act by a farm hand who was passing by the field on Monday afternoon.  The witness said the alleged sheep rapist bound the sheep’s back legs together to make it easier to commit the act. It is unknown whether the sheep was injured during the act, which could be crucial to any arrest.

Florida puppeteer Ronald Brown appeared in federal court Tuesday on charges of child pornography and conspiring to kidnap a child. Brown, 57, was arrested Friday after an international investigation conducted by the Department of Homeland Security. A criminal complaint followed Brown’s graphic online conversation with another man about kidnapping, sexually abusing, murdering and eating children. A search warrant was issued on July 19 for Brown’s residence. Homeland Security Investigators seized media including CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, micro disks and VHS tapes that contained several images of naked, bound and seemingly dead children. Brown staged puppet shows for children. According to CBS Tampa, he told investigators that he helps out in the children’s area of the church that he attends, and has weekly gatherings with neighborhood children from the church. Brown does not appear to have a criminal record, but he was stopped for a 1998 traffic violation in which an officer saw boys’ underwear in the front seat, according to WUSA. He told the deputy he used the underwear for dressing his puppets. In the complaint, Brown said his conversations about “killing, dismembering and eating” boys were “in the realm of fantasy” and that he had no desire to do anything.

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