In today’s SPORTS report we chat about the Cardinals, the ending of the TRADE DEADLINE, and some Olympic stuff including the video of the TUNISIAN basketball coach slapping the ISH out of one of his players!  It’s a must watch!

Cardinals picked up the big 11-6 win last night in Colorado against the Rockies.  Beltran, Holiday, and Freese all went deep in the win.  The two teams play again today at 7:40pm and Jake Westbrook gets the start.

The trade deadline for baseball ended yesterday and the Cards DID make a move.  They sent former #1 pick Zack Cox…first of all Zack…to Miami.  In return they get relief pitcher Edward Mujica (MOO-HE-CUH).  He is expected to join the team tonight.

Other moves around the league…Casey McGeehe heads to the Yankees from the Pirates.  Ryan Dempster got traded from the Cubs to the Rangers.  Jonathan Broxton is now a Red and joins an already STACKED bullpen. Two ex-Phillies have new teams as Hunter Pence heads to the Giants and Shane Victorino heads to the Dodgers.  And the Cubs also traded catcher Geovany Soto to the Rangers.  You can see ALL of the deadline deals on today’s full show blog.

Finally – lets chat Olympics.  The US won six more medals yesterday.  That again ties us with China for the overall medal count but we are still behind them in gold. Here is how it ranks by country… China is number 1 with 23 medals and 12 gold US in second with 23 overall and 9 gold.
In third place is Japan with only 13 medals.

Michael Phelps set a NEW record by winning his 19th medal.  That’s the most by any Olympian ever.  He picked up the silver in the Men’s 200 Butterfly and then won as part of the relay team in the 200 Freestyle.

The Fab Five as they call them…the women’s gymnastics team, won the gold as a team for the first time since 1996.  They won by 5 points – which is pretty big margin of victory.

And Vincent Hancock won Gold in Men’s skeet-shooting.  It’s his second Gold in a row.

And finally – The US men’s basketball team was heavily favored against Tunisia yesterday.  They didn’t cover the spread by the did win by 47 points.  But there are two things to take away from yesterday’s game.  First, a player from Tunisia wasn’t paying attention during the pregame huddle…so his coach slapped him in the face.  You can see the video below.  And then, after the game, on of Tunisia’s players asked Kobe to autograph his shoe.  And Kobe did…and then the douche put it back on.  Not sure if this is true or not – but rumor has it this dude will have to PLAY in the autographed shoe for his next game.   FAIL!

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