In today’s SPORTS report we chat about the Cardinals,and some Olympic stuff including the taxing of American athletes and Kazakhstan is upset about how they keep getting heckled with BORAT quotes.  So damn funny!


The Cards picked up another win last night in Colorado as Matt Holliday hit two homeruns.  The two teams wrap up their series tonight in Colorado – first pitch is scheduled for 7:40pm.  Lance Lynn gets the start and is going for win #14!

This story is just funny.  A minor league umpire EJECTED the Daytona Cubs MUSIC guy.  Why?  Well, that’s the funny part.  A questionable call went down and apparently the umps got it wrong, so the music man decided to play the song “Three Blind Mice.”  Well, that didn’t sit well with the ump…so he TOSSED him from the game.  The announcer went to Twitter and acknowledged the ejection, and the team said no disciplinary action will go down.

And now – lets chat Olympics.  Yesterday the US won SIX medals and three of them were Golds.  Here is the breakdown.

US women won the Gold for 200 meter freestyle relay.  A woman’s cyclist won gold in the Women’s Time Trial.  Nathan Adrian won the mens 100 meter freestyle by ONE-HUNDRETH of a second.  And the US also won medals in rowing, synchronized diving, and Men’s Gymnastics.

Here is how the medal count stands at the end of yesterday:
China has 30 and 17 gold
US has 29 and 12 gold
And Japan, France, and Germany have 13.

This is crazy – did you know that every athlete that wins a gold medal gets a bonus of $25,000 for the US Olympic Committee.  Silver gets you $15K and bronze brings in $10,000.  Well, then the government TAXES you on that.  So if you win the gold…you are looking at paying almost $9,000 in taxes! A bill has already been introduced that would eliminate the tax – but currently the US is one of the only countries to tax their Olympians.  Congrats…now pay your taxes!

So far, Kazakhstan is having a pretty good Olympics.  They’re actually in the top 10 of the medal count with three golds.  But they’re having some issues outside of their events . . . people won’t stop yelling “Borat” quotes at them. The head of their Olympic committee says, quote, “In the [Olympic] Village there is absolutely no problem.  The sports world knows our good side.  It is when we go outside it is very disappointing. “Of course nobody takes it seriously but there are some things you cannot tolerate, things about your mother and sister.  No matter how democratic you are, you will never tolerate the words that ‘Borat’ was saying about us.”

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  1. Alex the Tax Attorney says:

    The $9,000 tax bill assumes the athlete is taxed at the highest possible tax rate of 35%, which means that athlete has at least $379,000 in total taxable income. Most don’t make that kind of cash. The tax bill ultimately is determined by overall income. If the athlete only received that $25,000 for the full year, the tax bill would only be $1,900. $9,000 makes for a good headline, but the original article came from an ultra conservative fringe group. Thought you would want to know that.

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