BEST OF THE W.A.R WEEK (07/30 – 08/03)

On this week’s BEST OF THE BLOG AND PODCAST we have a to the brim jam packed blog.  Chicks to check out? Naked Miley Cyrus, Beach volleyball asses, and a naked Kate Upton  Ok! Prick Be Trippin? I’m in.  BRAND NEW rounds of FAT CHICK SKINNY CHICK! YUP! We pretty much covered everything!  Some Friday Fails Stories, Drive By Whoring #134, Bitch Be Trippin, a BRAND NEW crop of Freaks, and of course tons of audio, video, and photos for you to check out on the BEST OF THE WEEK BLOG AND PODCAST!


Even Playboy is outsourcing! A Bollywood actress will become the first woman from India to pose nude in “Playboy”. Her name is SHERLYN CHOPRA and she’ll be in the November issue. Check out some pics: CHECK IT OUT HERE

In case you didn’t know..there isn’t any baseball or softball in the Olympics. They didn’t get enough votes to stay in the Games. Which is weird. Considering some of the other sport that are in there. With that being said, check out list this of some of the other SPORTS that used to actually been eliminated over the years from the games? SEE THE LIST HERE

An 11-year-old girl sang the National Anthem at a Major League Soccer game in Dallas on Saturday. And we don’t want to be mean, but it was one of the worst renditions EVER. She was off-key, and went so slow it took over two minutes. Even people in the crowd were laughing. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO

JERRY JONES (owner of the Dallas Cowboys) most definitely does NOT know what the modern definition of a GLORY HOLE is. He was being interviewed on a Dallas Cowboys radio show this weekend, to discuss the current state of the Cowboys. And he said, quote, “I’ve been here when it was the glory hole days, and when it wasn’t. And so, having said that, I want me some glory hole.” CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE

We found a survey of some of the games that people thing should be cut from the Olympics. We give you the stats from that article and then open up the phones and let you guys chime in. Read the full list and hear the CALLS BY CLICKING HERE!

So, it’s time. We hate to break it to you….but there are somethings that we have to call out. I mean, sometimes it’s the over worship of something other times it’s just the actual show, movie, behavior is just not as neat as you think it is. So…without delay…We hate to break it to you…. READ MORE HERE!

Today’s DOUCHEBAG OF THE DAY is actually an update to a story we had a couple weeks back. Remember the Valley Park Mayor who was pulled over and spit on cops, got tasered, and all kinds of other drama? His excuse? EXHAUSTION! Joke! Well, he’s back in the news for being DOUCHEY! CHECK OUT THE UPDATE HERE!

So, it’s time to see if you are normal by the numbers FELLAS. It’s all about some BRO STUFF. So take a look at some of the facts we have and compare them to the other Americans who were surveyed and see if you are NORMAL BY THE NUMBERS! SEE THE INFO HERE

Today’s HEADLINE HOOSHE introduces to a guy from North Carolina who was released from jail..but refused to leave…because COPS DIDN’T GIVE HIM A RIDE TO A MOTEL! Come on Rodney…you stayed in get arrested. CHECK THE HOOSHE NEWS HERE


There simply is NOTHING that gets men watching the Summer Olympics more than Women’s Beach Volleyball. And even though the IOC ruled that the players DON’T have to wear bikinis anymore, it seems like most of them still are. And WE’RE reaping the benefits. has put together a gallery of the sport’s BEST BACKSIDES. SEE ALL OF THE PHOTOS…AND JO TIME…HERE

Welcome to the BUTT UGLY BITCHES section of the Woody and Rizzuto blog! If you ever hear us talking about an ugly, disgusting bitch….this is the place you can find the photo. Prostitutes, hookers, crack whores, and just generally disgusting bitches beware…You may end up as a W.A.R Butt Ugly Bitch CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!

Today’s Headline Hooshe story comes to us from Conch Key in the Florida Keys……62-year-old Carolyn Dukeshire (who is affectionately known around town by her nickname “the Sea Hag”) was arrested for murder, after she shot some dude over a beer. We want you to read more on the story…and then vote…should she be in the BUTT UGLY BITCHES GALLERY?! VOTE HERE

Only a couple days into the Olympics, and there’s been a nip slip. It belongs to a 22-year-old, 106-pound judo competitor from Mongolia. Her name is Urantsetseg Munkhbat (pronounced: sdglhsdfioghfrioghsdfaoghafhg) She was competing against Paula Pareto of Argentina yesterday, when Pareto yanked on her shirt, exposing her right nipple . . . to whoever happened to be watching live streaming judo online at the time. It wasn’t broadcast on NBC. She ended up losing the match, and didn’t win a medal. CLICK TO SEE THE PHOTO!

WARNING: This one is rough. Today’s subject is MARY-KATE OLSEN. Seriously, you could have shown me these pics and not told me who she was, and I might not have guessed it was her. She showed up at JFK Airport in New York City looking almost unrecognizable. THE SHOCKING PHOTO HERE

So, after the DATING GAME, Bachelor #3 Ryan had a bet for Woody and Rizz. He wanted to choke Patrico out. Badly. So the guys pooled together some money and got $100 bucks together and Patrico…took the challenge. It didn’t take long, but Ryan choked his giant ass out! CHECK IT OUT HERE

So we got an email from a girl named Stephanie who wanted our help. She has an extra ticket to the Cards game on August 4th and she wanted to find someone to take to the game. She just got out of a relationship and wants a fun date to just go and hang out with her at the game. We’ve got her in the studio..and its time for the WAR DATING GAME! GET THE INFO and SEE PICTURES HERE

Today’s Drive By Whoring is for Kathleen, who left her dude for an INMATE at the JAIL SHE WORKED AT! Not only did she hook up with him, but she hooked up with a couple other inmates too! Oofah! Not good! SHE EVEN LET AN INMATE MOVE IN WITH HER! LET’S DO THIS! CHECK OUT THE FULL WHORING HERE!


Its a brand new round of today’s DUMBASS CONTEST FAT CHICK SKINNY CHICK. Here is how it works. We have a girl calling in and she will be talking to Woody and Rizz. They have one mission. The mission is simple….can they guess…just by her voice…is she a fat chick or a skinny chick?! PLAY THE GAME HERE

Check out THIS a-hole! There’s an episode of National Geographic’s “Taboo” that’s gonna air on August 19th that features a guy who is in love with balloons. He makes out with them, hugs them, and caresses them. It’s pretty weird. Here’s a clip from a preview. He said he loves sleeping with them in his shirt, but he’s “pure in his life” so he hasn’t gotten-it-on with them. SEE THE VIDEO HERE

JERRY JONES (owner of the Dallas Cowboys) most definitely does NOT know what the modern definition of a GLORY HOLE is. He was being interviewed on a Dallas Cowboys radio show this weekend, to discuss the current state of the Cowboys. And he said, quote, “I’ve been here when it was the glory hole days, and when it wasn’t. And so, having said that, I want me some glory hole.” CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE

MAYOR FRED was in the building for the reading of the FREAKS! Check out the four ads that we have found on Craigslist and find out who will become the next FREAK OF THE WEEK! Hear Fred read these nominees and then click the link to see who won this week and now qualifies for the Jerry Sandusky Memorial Trophy! ALL YOUR FREAKS HERE…READ ON!


Woody’s wife is having the baby this week……so in honor of that….we thought this would be appropriate to share. A website put together a collection of the most awkward pregnancy photos ever taken. And no matter what you’re picturing . . . they’re even more awkward than you could possibly imagine. One of our favorites is the one where the whole family is in lucha libre masks. What the F**k? SEE THE PHOTOS HERE

Today’s WAR “Chick Pic of the Day” is MILEY CYRUS. She posed NUDE in a bathtub for some lucky photographer. But she kept her naughty bits covered. SEE IT HERE

When Olympic divers are flipping around, they make all sorts of horrible faces. Those faces kinda look like the faces you might make when you’re STRUGGLING on the TOILET. So, yep . . . someone actually took the time to Photoshop Olympic divers onto toilets. SEE THEM ALL HERE

Today’s SECOND Dumbass Contest is a BBT/FIRST OF ALL CONTEST. Check out this video clip from a report in Asheville, N.C, where a 14 year old stole a car and led cops on a HIGH SPEED CHASE. First of all…. PLAY THE GAME HERE

Today’s DUMBASS CONTEST is Rockband, Race Horse, or Porno. We give you the name and it’s simple. You tell us. Is it a Rock Band…the name of a Race Horse…or…a PORNO MOVIE?! PLAY THE GAME HERE

Here’s something Rizz will NEVER need to watch: Bowtie expert Bill Nye the Science Guy gives comedian Chris Hardwick a firsthand tutorial on tying his signature neckwear. As you know….Rizzuto lives his life by two personal policies…. SEE THE VIDEO AND RIZZ’S PERSONAL POLICIES HERE

Today’s BITCH BE TRIPPIN segment…ladies – we love you – but sometimes you do and say some really crazy stuff. So – we gotta call you out. We took some calls and rocked out some news stories for today’s BITCH BE TRIPPIN! ALL STORIES AND CALLERS HERE!

With today’s PRICK BE TRIPPIN we talk about an ahole trying to swim from France to New York. A dude getting stabbed over butting in line at the Post Office. Someone blaming their tiny dong on their mom kicking in the balls…and a teacher…admits assaulting students…30 years later and gets busted! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


Today’s CHICK PIC OF THE DAY has Kate Upton taking her clothes off again. There are even some photos where this bitch is COMPLETELY NAKED! Easy there big fella – you can’t see any of her goodness…but it is DEFINITELY still worth the look. CHECK THEM OUT HERE

So, here we go again. Another pic of a celebrity with makeup. We’ve had AnnaLynne McCord, Kim Kardashian, and one of the Olsen twins. And now we have OPRAH. DEAR….BARBRA! This bitch looks AWFUL! CLICK HERE FOR THE PHOTO

Today’s DUMBASS CONTEST IS READY TO ROCK! It’s time to play DEAD TO REAL OR COMPLETELY RETARDED! If you think the statement is TRUE that it’s DEAD TO REAL. If you think it is FALSE…then it’s COMPLETELY RETARDED! Read below and play the game! PLAY THE GAME HERE!

GOT GAME WITH STEVE MANBALLS MASTERS! If you have a video game question or just curious about the latest stuff in gaming…check out the Got Game Segment with Steve “Manballs” Masters. ALL THE GOT GAME STUFF HERE

Today’s Dumbass CONTEST is Guess The State! We give you a story, and your job is to try and guess the state in which is comes from. If you are a regular listener…everyone knows that its one of FOUR state. Can you…GUESS THE STATE?! PLAY THE GAME HERE

So, we have been really excited about something in our lives. Whether it be the birth of a child, winning of the lottery, maybe a promotion. But over the SIGHT of a train? Seriously, this guy probably rips a huge bone just thinking about Thomas the Tank engine. Watch what happens when you take away ANY talk of a train….sounds SEXY! SEE THE VIDEO HERE

Maybe you have the perfect plan. It was set and good to go. Then all of sudden, almost out of no where, MEGA….UBER….ULTRA….FAILLLLL! You can read the stories, hear the audio, and watch the videos of ALL the FRIDAY FAIL STORIES! Plus, listen to Rizz and his “voice of an angel” sing the Friday FAIL THEME SONG! It’s glorious! ALL FAIL STORIES HERE!




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