In today’s SPORTS report we chat about the Cardinals, do an Olympic recap, and the first NFL preseason game.


The Cards failed to sweep the Rockies last night in Colorado after the bullpen got shelled in a 8-2 loss.  Now the Birds are headed back to St. Louis for a three game homestand against the Brewers.  Joe Kelly is on the mound tonight and first pitch is slated for 7:15.

And now – lets chat Olympics.  Yesterday the US won medals.  Here is the breakdown.
In swimming, Michael Phelps won a gold.  Ryan Lochte won a silver and a bronze.  Tyler Clary won a gold.  Rebecca Soni also won a gold.

Gabby Douglas took gold in gymnastics and Kayla Harrison won gold in women’s judo.

Finally, the women’s team got the gold in an eight person rowing event.

So, here is the tally as it stands after yesterday:

USA is in the lead with 37 total medals, 18 of which are gold!
China is in second with 34 total, 18 gold
Japan is in third with 19 medals.

NFL Preseason kicks off this Sunday with the Cardinals and Saints at 7pm on NFL Network.

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