In today’s SPORTS report we chat about the Cardinals, talk about some NFL news, and we have a quick little recap of the ONGOING even that is known as the 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS!

The Cardinals swept the Brewers over the weekend!  They wrapped up their series last night with Kyle Loshe getting the 3-0 win.  Tonight the Giants are in town and Jake Westbrook gets the start for the Cardinals.  First pitch is scheduled for 7:15PM.

Quick NFL stuff:  The preseason kicked off yesterday with the Saints beating the Cardinals 17-10 in the Hall of Fame Game.  But the big news is that the NFL is in talks with suspended Saint Jonathan Vilma, to have him drop his Civil Suit against Roger Goddell.  In exchange for him dropping the suit, the league is offering him to be able to return to action after an 8 game suspension.  Vilma was suspended this off season for the full season because of his involvement in Bounty Gate.

And one last football note…the 29 year old son of Eagles head coach Andy Reid was found dead in a dorm room at Eagles training camp.  Cops say the death was not suspicious and they are currently looking into it.   Reid’s son did have drug troubles in the past, but all signs showed he was doing better…again, cops are investigating his death.

Alright – Lets chat Olympics.  The US won 23 medals over the weekend, and 10 of those were gold.  Quick highlights here.  Michael Phelps won his 21st and 22nd career medals.  Serena Williams won gold in both the singles and doubles event in tennis.  And a couple medals were won by the women swimmers including a WORLD RECORD performance in the 100-meter medley.  Mike and Bob Bryan won the Gold in Men’s Tennis double and Justin Gatlin took the bronze in the 100-meter race in which Usain Bolt got the gold.

So here is the medal breakdown after the weekend.  China is in first with 61 medals and 30 gold.  The US is right behind them with 60 medals and 28 gold and GREAT BRITIAN jumped from 7th to 3rd with 37 medals and 28 gold.

Kind of a scare for US men’s basketball.  And we aren’t being sarcastic.  With only 5 minutes to go in the game, the US was LOSING to Lithuania…but then LeBron James took over.  Dude scored 9 of the last 12 points for US and got the 99-94 win.  The men’s team takes on Argentina today for their final game of Pool Play.

This is kind of funny.  So, you think being an Olympic athlete takes some people YEARS of practice.  Some people train their whole lives to compete in the games.  And for some – it’s over in SECONDS.  The Wall Street Journal looked at different sports to see just how much time is actually spent competing for the medals.  The quickest event?  Shot Put.  It takes the shot putters THIRTEEN SECONDS to compete.  In second place Javelin that takes about 32 seconds.  Team sports were obviously the longest…they give out ONE medal after about two week of games.  Also noted in the study, and I think this is hilarious, whoever wins the gold in “WALKING” competes for over 3 ½ hours…which is longer than the MARATHON!

LeBron James a bunch of other Dream Teamers went on a tour of the Olympic Village this week. While he was there, he started talking to Lauren Perdue, a 21-year-old swimmer from the University of Virginia who won a gold medal with the 200-meter Freestyle relay team….and he invited her to eat with him at the dining hall.  LeBron is engaged, and Lauren said he wasn’t looking for anything other than a companion in the cafeteria, and that he was, quote, “kind of joking.”  Either way, she sent him on his way….saying quote, “‘Um, I’m sorry.  I have a curfew.'” Then Lauren went and talked about it on Twitter.  She tweeted, quote, “LeBron James just invited me to dinner . . . Um wuuutttt?!?” That tweet seems to have been deleted.  But…..we’ve got the photo Lauren tweeted of her meeting with LeBron . . . and one of Lauren in her swimsuit.


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