Check out today’s THAT SUCKS STORIES. So, maybe you are thinking your life is terrible and everything is going wrong…read these stories…you’ll feel better.  Because these stories will truly have you saying….THAT SUCKS!



Shin A-Lam is a 25-year-old South Korean fencer, and she was one second away from advancing from the semifinals to a gold-medal match on Monday night.   But the clock malfunctioned, the match went on a few seconds too long, and that gave her opponent . . . Britta Heidemann of Germany . . . enough time to get the winning score. So Shin burst into tears, and protested the decision by refusing to leave the fencing mat . . . which is called a piste.  After about 20 minutes, officials finally got her to move . . . but she ended up losing her bronze medal match too. The International Fencing Federation has apologized, and admitted that there is sometimes, quote, “human error” in fencing.  The next day they offered Shin a “special medal” to honor her, quote, “aspiration to win and respect for the rules”.  But Shin won OUR respect by telling the International Fencing Federation to go STICK their special medal. Shin said, quote, “It does not make me feel better, because it’s not an Olympic medal.  I don’t accept the result, because I believe it was a mistake.”

Wu Minxia (pictured on the LEFT) is a diver for China.  She just won a gold medal in synchronized diving, which is her third straight Olympics with a gold.  And when she won, China finally told her the truth. The Chinese Olympic committee hadn’t told Wu that both of her GRANDPARENTS WERE DEAD and that her mother has BREAST CANCER.  They’ve been keeping it a secret from her to keep her focused on her training.  Wu was pulled out of school at age six to train every day at a diving camp.  At 16, she was living in a government-sponsored aquatic sports training center.  She’s now 26. And . . . her parents agreed with the government’s decision to keep Wu shielded from bad news.  Her father told the “Shanghai Morning Post”, quote, “It was essential to tell this white lie. “We accepted a long time ago that she doesn’t belong entirely to us.  I don’t even dare to think about things like enjoying family happiness.” The Chinese also have a policy of ONLY congratulating athletes who win gold . . . athletes who win silver or bronze don’t get acknowledged.

A cop in Arkansas responded to a call last week about a guy whose bull got loose, and when he got there, the bull tried to mate with the COP against the Patrol car!  THAT SUCKS!

What’s worse than having an alligator BITE OFF YOUR HAND?  Getting arrested for illegally feeding that alligator. 63-year-old Wallace Weatherholt works as an airboat tour guide in the Florida Everglades.  Back on June 12th, he was giving a tour to a family from Indiana . . . and he dangled a fish overboard so a NINE-FOOT gator would jump up and eat it. But when the gator snapped at the fish, it also caught Wallace’s HAND . . . and bit it clean off.  Wallace was arrested for unlawful feeding of an alligator, which is a second-degree misdemeanor that carries up to a $500 fine and jail time. The unlawful feeding was the fish, not the hand . . . but he DID, in fact, illegally feed the gator his hand as well. Wildlife officials tracked down the gator and put it down . . . since it now has a TASTE FOR HUMAN FLESH.  Wallace’s hand couldn’t be reattached.  He’s due in court on August 22nd.

Ezra Cornman, 12, died Wednesday, one day after a sand tunnel collapsed on him at the Long Branch, N.J., shore. The boy from Ocean Township was playing with a few other children when he crawled into the two to three feet deep sand tunnel he built with his brother. It collapsed at 3:20 p.m. on Tuesday, CBS reports. When the tunnel caved in lifeguards immediately dug the child out and administered CPR. A woman from Staten Island said that he was unconscious with blood coming out of his nose. The lifeguards were “pressing on his stomach, trying to bring him back,” the witness said, “they tried to revive him and kept pressing and pressing… they kept doing it over and over, and he didn’t respond.”


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